Inspired by the human longing for realities out of reach, Esther Nienhuis seeks to expose the symbolic thresholds that distinguish the here and now from alternative realities and times – past, future and imaginary. Her fascination with these boundaries manifests itself through a variety of motifs.

In her latest series ‘Tracks’, Nienhuis draws on images from childhood photographs to explore the nostalgia that is triggered by distance in time. These paintings transcend lineal memory, navigating the freedoms and potencies that come from the very indistinctness and unreliability of memory. The emotions attached to such recollections, seem to heighten their apparent reality and sharpen their relevance to the present moment.

In the ‘Saudade’ paintings, Nienhuis dwells upon perspective through rain-covered windscreens. The otherwise imperceptible glass frontier comes into focus through the textures she creates on the canvas’ surface. A troubling layer is present always, in between the here and elsewhere.